Have you ever felt like a fraud in the room? Or like you will be “found out” for not knowing enough? You are definitely not alone. Early talent, despite the success they’ve had so far, are more subject to feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy – otherwise known as imposter syndrome. This can prevent you from taking chances and showing all you have to offer. However, fostering a growth mindset will enable you to embrace mistakes or negative feedback and help turn them into inspiration to take more opportunities and overcome challenges. Discovering more about yourself will allow you to have a more optimistic mindset and subside feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy. In this workshop, we will teach you the hallmarks of imposter syndrome, the knowledge that these feelings are normal, ways to manage them, and ultimately how to use a growth mindset to foster real confidence within yourself so you can thrive. 

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this session, you will be able to…

  • Define ‘growth mindset’ and apply strategies for cultivating it within yourself.
  • Identify the presence of imposter syndrome within yourselves i.e. what it looks, sounds, and feels like.
  • Implement various strategies for managing imposter syndrome as it rises.
  • Understand how a growth mindset can help you overcome imposter syndrome
  • Hear from successful professionals about how they have not just managed, but learned to overcome the severe imposter syndrome they felt earlier in their career.


  • Higher employee engagement
  • Increased confidence & job satisfaction
  • Improved workplace morale
  • Better able to voice innovative ideas
  • Effectively work in a team-oriented environment
  • Reduced turnover of early talent

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  • "After watch Hamza Khan present at CACUSS I knew that his wisdom and expertise would be a great fit for a training retreat CLC was coordinating for 32 professional residence life staff. With only a few weeks turnaround time Hamza was able to create and facilitate a half day workshop that not only educated but also engaged the entire team to the degree that they are still talking about his workshop to this day. From providing tips and tricks on how to be more productive in our professional and personal lives to providing data and insight on how students are learning, Hamza was a fantastic, informative, engaging facilitator providing my team with the energy, insight and inspiration to begin another academic year. Without a doubt Hamza’s workshop was one of the highlights of our training!"

    Stephanie Muehlethaler, MA
    Stephanie Muehlethaler, MA Director, Residence Life & the Student Experience, Campus Living Centres
  • "Had the opportunity to experience a presentation from SkillsCamp and Bailey Parnell herself. Though done remotely, her energy came through and distance didn't detract from the validity of her points. Lots of good takeaways and insights to help myself and my company improve. Specifically, Bailey had very relatable examples and a jocular delivery. Virtual communication skills isn't a dry topic, but she brought it to life in an exceptional way. She recognized the challenge of keeping everyone engaged and had interactive elements to do so. Looking forward to future sessions with SkillsCamp."

    Ryan Segovich
    Ryan Segovich Director of Organic Marketing, Keypath Education
  • "The leadership webinar was a very resourceful  session. I certainly benefited from this session. As a leader and people manager myself, I can use [the learnings] as tools and guides for the development of my direct reports as well as my personal development. We should have this kind of programs on leadership more often."

    Sivaletchimy Perumal
    Sivaletchimy Perumal Credit Manager, TD Canada Trust + Received Leadership webinar through the Credit Institute of Canada.
  • "I attended the Networking workshop because I wanted to enhance my networking skills in order to make stronger professional connections. The workshop instructor presented the material in an accessible way with concrete strategies about how to network more effectively. After attending the workshop, I used some of the networking strategies and was able to make stronger connections with people in my field. I wish I had learned about this workshop earlier in my career because I could have avoided a lot of trial and error which would have saved time and prevented lost connections. I would highly recommend the Networking workshop to anyone who wants to improve their soft skills."

    Ayesha Bhatti
    Ayesha Bhatti Project Manager, Council of Ontario Universities + Attended networking workshop through the ADaPT Program at Ryerson University
  • Bailey Parnell, from SkillsCamp, facilitated a personal branding workshop for over 30 university students at the Starting Point 2017 conference at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Bailey’s laid back yet confident facilitation style pulled the students in to her message on the importance of presenting a consistent and professional brand on social media and beyond. Her use of personal anecdotes, theory, real-world statistics, and immediately implementable tips resonated with students looking to create their own professional brands. Don’t hesitate to book Bailey and SkillsCamp for anything related to social media or personal branding.

    Matt MacPhee
    Matt MacPhee Senior Project Manager at the Sobey School Business Development Centre, Saint Mary’s University