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We’ve worked with organizations from all over the world, in every industry, at every size. We always tailor to the needs and context of the client.

The one thing that’s constant about every industry and organization is that they’re made up of PEOPLE, and people need soft skills.


Governments and non-profit organizations trust us to help their people learn the skills they need to better help others.

We have worked with national, provincial/state, and municipal governments as well as international and local non-profits. We always tailor to your context and need.


Soft skills education helps all students to find and maintain meaningful work as well as engages them in their learning.

We’ve worked with educational institutions at every level, from high school students, to post-secondary, to doctorate programs, to lifelong learning endeavours. We believe all education should come with soft skills education.



Keypath Education

Keypath Education is a global higher education consulting company that provides research & strategy, enrolment marketing, and other education services to universities.


Developing their people, supporting well-being, and promoting inclusion and belonging are all values of Keypath. Four months into the pandemic, Keypath wanted to provide a virtual way for their people to connect, learn, and develop skills that could help them thrive in challenging times.


We created a custom program about “Community Mental Health” followed by a leadership program on “Supporting Cultures of Mental Health for Leaders”. This program came with pre-assessments, 2 live 90-minute interactive workshops, follow-up activities for attendees, and follow-up guides for managers to continue the learning with their teams. After the success of this program (over 87% said they would recommend it), Keypath US brought us back in to host a 2-part program on “Working From Home: Virtual Communication” and “Working From Home: Being Productive at Home”. With even further success, Keypath Global has since partnered with us on the development and facilitation of their inaugural Global Future Leaders Program – a 6-month program for high-potential leaders that focuses on various skills required for success as a leader at Keypath. The design includes pre-work, 6 live sessions, post-work, accountability group meetups, mentorship from senior leadership and more. With great success so far, we are excited to continue our thriving relationship with Keypath.



Sperasoft is a leading games development company (Halo, Mortal Combat, NHL, etc.) with offices in the US, Poland, and Russia.


Though one of their main headquarters is based in Russia, staff often have to deal with Western clients from the UK and North America. We wanted to help employees learn the skills required for effective communication as well as to consider the challenges that come with adapting our communications across different global cultures.


We have designed a remote 6-part Monday series of 60-minute live, online workshops that combine elements of emotional intelligence, cross-cultural communication, and effective professional communication. Series topics include: emotional intelligence – self-awareness; social-awareness & non-verbal communication; cross-cultural communication; confident & concise communication; and effective customer-centric communication.



Chewy is an American online retailer of pet food and other pet-related supplies ranging from pet food, toys and treats to litter, aquariums, and pet supplements.


Chewy understands the value and practice of empathy when it comes to communicating with their customers. Interested in investing in the development of this skill with their customer service team, they came to SkillsCamp.


We designed a custom pre-recorded program on “Empathy in Practice with Customers” that consisted of 5 modules to be hosted on Chewy’s internal learning management system. These modules covered: Empathy, Sympathy & Radical Empathy; What Does Empathy Look & Sound Like? 12 Responses to Distress; Identifying Rational vs. Emotional Needs in a Customer; Demonstrating Empathic Listening; and Building Rapport Quickly Through Empathy. Each module came with a download and/or activity as well as a follow-up guide for managers to continue the learning with employees who take the modules. In addition to the modules, we also hosted a 90-minute live online workshop on “Empathy in Practice with Leaders”, to great success.



LifeLabs is a company that has been serving the healthcare needs of Canadians for more than 50 years through medical testing, technologies, and more.


With an era of rapid growth, particularly in the Quality & Regulatory Affairs area, LifeLabs, As personnel changes continued to happen, we wanted to give this team chance to connect, learn more about themselves and others, and understand the skills they need for effective interpersonal communications.


With offices in Ontario and BC, we designed a custom in-person full-day program for BC and split it up into three 2h in-person programs for the Ontario office. Both programs combined elements of self-awareness, networking and relationship-building, collaboration, and conflict resolution.



WorkFusion is a leading global vendor of Intelligent Automation solutions combining AI, RPA & machine learning capabilities for business process automation.


With a large global workforce and the desire to upskill employees, soft skills have been identified as a key area of desired professional development for staff. Whether new managers or working together on a cross-cultural team, soft skills play a huge roll in success.


We designed, developed, and delivered the pilot version of WorkFusion’s new “Skill Enhancement & Employee Development (SEED) Program”. This began with a pilot series of 3 90-minute live online workshops, each repeated at a different time for different audiences. After the success of the pilot program, WorkFusion extended the SEED program to 15 sessions (each repeated with recordings made available for a year). Topics covered in the program include: Self-Awareness & Motivation; Personal Leadership Styles; Professional Communication; Conflict Resolution; Giving & Receiving [Difficult] Feedback; Resourcefulness & Problem-Solving; Strategic Storytelling & Persuasive Communication; Public Speaking & Presentation Skills; Implicit Bias & Cross-Cultural Communication; Empathy-Based Customer Service; Emotional Intelligence: Social Awareness; Teamwork & Collaboration; Stress Management & Mindfulness; Everyday Empowerment; and Productivity & Time Management.


“Had the opportunity to experience a presentation from SkillsCamp. Though done remotely, the energy came through and distance didn’t detract from the validity of her points. Lots of good takeaways and insights to help myself and my company improve. Specifically, Bailey had very relatable examples and a jocular delivery. Virtual communication skills is a dry topic, but she brought it to life in an exceptional way. She recognized the challenge of keeping everyone engaged and had interactive elements to do so. Looking forward to future sessions with SkillsCamp.” – Ryan Segovich, Associate Director of Digital Media , Keypath Education

When students were asked for their feedback on the live sessions, from our client’s mouth, “the feedback is very positive: more than 96% positive answers.”

“I heard great feedback from the team on the live training session.” _ Mandi Christensen, Director of Learning and Development – Customer Service at Chewy

“SkillsCamp recently worked with my company and myself going over relationship building, networking, self-awareness and conflict resolution. I have attended other seminars/camps of a similar nature but most have been quite boring and don’t allow much interaction with the presenter and attendees. This was much different! We all thoroughly enjoyed our entire time. We definitely all walked away learning key skills that we can adapt to our professional and personal lives. It is a great way to learn more about yourself also as Bailey took the time to focus on each of us individually. It’s a great interactive way for managers to have the opportunity to get to know more about their employees and determine how they can achieve an overall positive work environment. I would recommend this to everyone and can’t wait for our next training session! “ – Anmol Bains, Attendee.

“We invited SkillsCamp in to deliver their Feedback Skills training and I was so impressed with the workshop! We had a 90-minute session but I would love to schedule a half or full-day workshop next time to dive deeper into the specific topic. Bailey was well-spoken and the time flew by. The workshop was highly engaging which can be a challenge virtually, but Bailey’s thought-provoking questions and effective breakout sessions promoted employee participation, and kept everyone responsive and tuned in. The topics addressed in the session were well-researched and communicated in a way that was applicable and easily understood. Our team walked away with well-practiced and tangible skills, and I feel we are equipped to apply the feedback skills learned in our personal and professional lives in the future. I look forward to working with SkillsCamp again!” – Sydney de la Torre, Human Resources Specialist, BioRender



Salvation Army


In accordance with the LEADs leadership framework the Salvation Army adopted as an organization, they were interested in developing the soft skills of their employees as well – employees that are physically based all over Canada.


Together with the SA, we designed, developed, and delivered a 5-part online live webinar series surrounding the soft skills new leaders will need to thrive at the SA. Webinar topics included: “Building Self-Awareness”; “Networking & Relationship Building”; “Building Collaborative Relationships”; “Conflict Resolution”; and “Delivering Difficult Feedback.” After the success of our online learning series, the Salvation Army brought us back, in-person, to Montreal for a half-day workshop with their regional leaders on “Conflict Resolution” and “Relationship-Building”.


Bank of Canada

The Bank of Canada is Canada’s central bank, working to preserve the value of money by keeping inflation low and stable.


The Bank of Canada sends recruiters out to universities all over the country. To ensure those recruiters are as effective as can be, they wanted to develop their communication and presentation skills.


The BoC brought in SkillsCamp to develop a custom, in-person, program for skill development in the areas of personal branding, networking, and public speaking. This program consisted of a focus group with summer university students and final report; a full-day workshop with all recruiters; 4 one-on-one sessions with 10 recruiters for the pilot; a final half-day workshop; and a final report.


Office of the Auditor General of Ontario

The Office of the Auditor General of Ontario is an independent, non-partisan Office of the Legislative Assembly that serves Members of the Provincial Parliament and the people of Ontario.


Amid the pandemic changes and stressors, the OOAG wanted to provide staff with engaging and interesting learning opportunities that doubled as skill-building and team-building.


We developed two custom, full-day, live online programs on “Exceptional Professional Communication” and “Emotional Intelligence & Conflict Resolution”. The former included elements of assertive communication, persuasive communication, confident and non-verbal communication, and public speaking and presentations, while the latter included elements of emotional intelligence (self-awareness & social awareness), empathy in practice, conflict resolution, and giving difficult feedback.


“Just wanted to say thank you for the thought-provoking morning. Hamza’s journey to burnout really resonated with me and has renewed my intent on getting the right things done versus everything done at all hours of the day. I was watching the faces of our leadership and you could see the information sinking in and light bulbs going off. I think the advice Bailey gave to the group was palatable, actionable and easy to incorporate right away. I hope this will have added benefits for the managers and their teams. Thank you for agreeing to spend this time with us. I do hope I can listen to more of your training in the future.” – Katie Sexton, Senior Director, Employment Services, YMCA-YWCA National

“I strongly recommend SkillsCamp workshops. I hired SkillsCamp with Bailey Parnell for a non-profit organization. The workshop provided attendees with insight into the working world and highlighted what employers are looking for today. Throughout the day, Bailey used engaging hands-on sessions to help attendees dig deep into the meaning of emotional intelligence, professionalism in the workplace, resilience and bouncing back, resourcefulness and problem solving providing, and tips and tricks on how to stand out among the crowd. All in all, the session Bailey led provided immense value and I would definitely work with SkillsCamp and Bailey Parnell again.” – Ryan Mullings, President, Humber College Students’ Federation

We had SkillsCamp come and present 4 webinars for our webinar series on productivity hacks and personal branding and then they also came back to present in person at our annual conference. Working with skills camp was great – Bailey was so knowledgeable and also was a delight to work with – they are definitely the first company we go to when we want to engage learners in this area of expertise. If you are considering working with skills camp my advice is to do it. They are so knowledgeable, so professional and also very fun to work with.

Mary-Rose O’Connor
Educational Coordinator
Ontario Library Association



Ryerson University Human Resources

Ryerson is Canada’s leader in innovative, career-oriented education and a university clearly on the move. Located in downtown Toronto, it is a distinctly urban university with a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship.


Ryerson Human Resources is responsible for the learning and development offering of the university to its staff and faculty. In seeking feedback from staff about what they want to learn, many soft skills emerged as areas of interest and desired areas for development including communications, emotional intelligence, building relationships, and more.


We began our partnership with two 90-minute live online workshops for all staff at Ryerson University on “Empathy in Practice” and “Cultures of Empathy for Leaders”. As the highest-rated workshops, Ryerson brought us back for an extended series of programming on soft skills including live sessions on: “Giving & Receiving Feedback”, “Burnout & Stress Management”, “Supporting Stress Management for Leaders”, “Emotional Intelligence”, “Emotional Intelligence in Leaders”, and repeats of many.


University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC)

UTSC is a satellite campus of the University of Toronto and one focused on experiential learning for their students.


The Arts & Science Co-op and Management Co-op programs are Integrated Learning Experience (ILE) programs at UTSC with 4,000 participating undergraduate students each year. These programs prepare students to be successful when competing for co-op work terms, as the industry changes in modern times changes, UTSC wanted to ensure their students are equipped with the necessary soft skills to succeed in both the interview process and as employees in their placements. They wanted to deliver a series of self-guided online modules for students.


As part of the pilot program, we designed a course curriculum on “High Impact Communication” that was broken up into six 30-minute modules. Each module broke down further into 5-10 minute pieces. This was designed for UTSC’s already-in-us learning management system, Adobe Articulate Storyline. We filmed all modules and each one came with a download and/or activity, quizzes, transcriptions, and more. Topics covered in the course included: High Impact Communication Fundamentals; Persuasive Communication; Public Speaking & Presentations; Professional Communication; Non-Verbal Communication; and Active Listening.


Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board (DPCDSB)

The Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board is a separate school board that oversees 148 Catholic school facilities throughout Peel Region and Dufferin County in Ontario, Canada.


After a staff survey, custodial and maintenance staff identified the areas of conflict resolution and teamwork and collaboration as areas they’d like to work on within themselves. We wanted staff to understand different types of conflict as well as how to mitigate and handle it.


As part of a greater professional development day, the DPCDSB brought us in to facilitate an in-person, half-day conflict resolution program with interactive elements and experiential learning built-in.


“I have had the pleasure of seeing SkillsCamp run two virtual workshops for a large audience (300+ and 30+ participants, respectively). Bailey is incredibly engaging, offers practical solutions for your business and human resource needs, and was very passionate about her work. She is incredibly responsive and easy to work with. If you are looking for an engaging speaker to help your staff with soft skills, SkillsCamp is the way to go!” – Carly Basian, Manager, Student Financial Assistance at Ryerson University

“After watch Hamza Khan present at CACUSS I knew that his wisdom and expertise would be a great fit for a training retreat CLC was coordinating for 32 professional residence life staff. With only a few weeks turnaround time Hamza was able to create and facilitate a half day workshop that not only educated but also engaged the entire team to the degree that they are still talking about his workshop to this day. From providing tips and tricks on how to be more productive in our professional and personal lives to providing data and insight on how students are learning, Hamza was a fantastic, informative, engaging facilitator providing my team with the energy, insight and inspiration to begin another academic year. Without a doubt Hamza’s workshop was one of the highlights of our training! – Stephanie Muehlethaler, Ed.D, Principal, Otonabee College at Trent University

“We had SkillsCamp train our Maintenance and Custodial group on Conflict Management and Teamwork. They delivered the material with humour and compassion. I would recommend SkillsCamp anytime!” – Brenda Spehar, Training & Development Administrator at Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board