5 Signs That You Are Canadian

 In Soft Skills

Being Canadian comes with its challenges and difficulties (especially those winter days that reach below-zero temperatures), but being Canadian means more than being polite and finishing sentences with “eh?”. In celebration of Canada 150, we are highlighting the diversity, empathy and resilience of Canadians with 5 signs you are definitely Canadian.

1) You recognize that diversity is a strength.

Both in the workplace and at home, you value equity, diversity and inclusion. As a member of a multicultural society, you appreciate the variety of perspectives brought by the unique experiences of individuals of diverse backgrounds. By recognizing this diversity as a strength, we are able to build inclusive workplaces and practise inclusive leadership to ensure all individuals are treated with respect and are encouraged to be their authentic self.

2) You treat others how they deserve to be treated.

You “treat others how they need or deserve to be treated (which may be different from how you would want to be treated). Whether it’s a neighbour, a colleague or good friend, you know the importance of building strong relationships with empathy, effective communication and active listening. When communicating with respect and compassion, we create a positive environment where individuals are not only happier, but more productive.

3) You say sorry not just because it’s a habit, but because you actually mean it.

There may be no better thing to be known for than being too nice. As a Canadian, you genuinely care for other people and are able to feel the experience of others. Whether it is holding a door open for a stranger on your commute to work or giving support to family member during a difficult time, you communicate with empathy and authenticity. By demonstrating empathy, we are able to strengthen our ability to resolve conflict in our everyday interactions and professional relationships.

4) You know how to long weekend.

It is important to take a break sometimes, and Canadians know how to do it right – spending time at the cottage with friends and family (plus, the Instagram pictures are always an added benefit). Taking advantage of Canada’s beautiful cottage country is the perfect way to practise mindfulness and return refreshed and more productive.

5) There is no problem you can’t solve with some coffee and a pair of snow boots.

From finding the only Tim Hortons when you travel abroad to working your way around the ridge of snow that the snow plow leaves at the end of the driveway, you always find creative solutions to difficulties you’re facing, even when they are not snow related, and you can’t beat the satisfaction when you do. This resourcefulness allows you to find solutions in the face of obstacles, improves your ability to work independently and take initiative and increases productivity.

.    .    .

We will be celebrating Canada this weekend, and it is the perfect time to build on the soft skills you have developed as a Canadian. Show gratitude to this country and the land we are so lucky to live on. Here’s to being Canadian, eh?

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