3 Soft Skills Your Mother Taught You

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With this weekend being dedicated to celebrating all of the motherly figures in our lives, it is the perfect opportunity to recognize the soft skills you probably learned from your mom.

One of the first people that help you develop these skills is your mom – teaching you through actions and words how to understand and care for others, develop goals and work towards them, and how to bounce back from failure. Whether you are a recent graduate, pursuing a new career opportunity, or looking to improve in your current role, these three soft skills that your mom taught you can help you improve your effectiveness in your professional career and interactions.

1) Empathy

Mothers exhibit a strong sense of empathy in their ability to understand and relate to the feelings of others as she cares for those around her. From a mother’s empathy, you will learn to be more understanding of others. This can help you work more effectively by creating a sense of openness and contributing to stronger relationships. Empathy can lead to more trust among team members and allow you to better utilize the talents of members.

2) Work Ethic

Nobody works harder than moms – often striving to work hard both inside and outside of the home while meeting personal and professional goals. Mom taught you to work hard, to reach your goals, and while you may have resented it when all you wanted to do was watch cartoons instead of doing your math homework, she instilled the work ethic in you that allows you to set goals and find the drive to achieve them. Though she may no longer be behind you instructing you to “do your homework”, applying this strong work ethic to your professional career will increase your productivity and effectiveness.

3) Resilience & Bouncing Back

By encouraging and supporting you through failures and setbacks, mom taught you to bounce back and keep moving forward. When aiming to achieve professional goals, whether applying for a new job or navigating challenges in your current role, this resilience can help you recover quickly from difficulties. Learning to recover from these difficulties and bouncing back stronger will increase effectiveness in your career.

By learning a thing or two from Mom, you could increase productivity and effectiveness, develop your empathy towards team members, increase your work ethic, and become more resilient. While spending time with mom this weekend, begin to apply these soft skills to your current roles and ambitions. Thank you, Moms, for teaching us the skills that help set us up for success.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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