Jessie BorsellinoDigital Marketing Assistant


Jessie Borsellino is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Industries at Ryerson University, focusing her studies on media and communication with a minor in English. She has been named a Ryerson Student Scholar and has been recognized for high academic performance since beginning her studies in 2015. Throughout the past couple of years, Jessie has worked alongside several small businesses and women entrepreneurs to establish and maintain their social media presence. She creates websites, graphic designs and compelling social media content with the goal of helping small businesses increase online engagement. In addition to working in digital marketing, Jessie writes about social media. She discusses her experience with social media and the effects of social media on mental health, exploring topics such as post-truth, filter bubbles and Black Mirror.

Fun Facts

  • My calendar is my best friend.
  • My work in the Creative Industries began with fine arts and I am an artist at heart. During my time off, you can usually find me painting or sketching.
  • I am always up for late night reruns of Gilmore Girls.
  • I take my Instagram aesthetic very seriously.