A comprehensive return-to-office program that helps companies and their employees thrive in the future of work, post-pandemic.

“The Great Resignation”

This is what companies face that have not thought through how they will function in a post-pandemic world.

The 2020 global pandemic has absolutely changed the world of work forever. As some countries increase their vaccination rate, many organizations have started to think about how they will lead their companies and people successfully through another major transition and into the future. While some have started to consider what “return-to-office” or “return-to-work” will look like, recent research suggests that most actually have not.

50% of employers have not considered a return-to-work plan yet. 36% have not made decisions yet.


Risks of not planning…

If organizations do not think intentionally about how they will prepare their management and employees to return to the office safely, they are facing an array of potential consequences including:

  • Confusion and frustration by your teams leading to more uncertainty and stress (than was already there)
  • Ineffective and inefficient work if employees are not taught how to thrive in a hybrid workforce
  • Physical and mental safety concerns for employees
  • Employees leaving to work for organizations, potentially in other countries (now that they can be remote), and that care more for how employees feel.
  • High turnover and millions spent in recruitment, selection, and training costs.
  • Unsafe or ambiguous work arrangements will leave employees unmotivated and will reduce productivity
  • Interpersonal problems on teams due to difficult and/or divisive conversations re: COVID, vaccinations, elections, BLM, etc.
  • Innovation and creativity will suffer as worried employees default to safe mode and avoid taking risks in fear of losing their jobs and/or being penalized by unsupportive employers
  • Stark rise in mental health issues and claims + increased costs to compensation and benefits as a result

Opportunities if you take this program…

If you start thinking intentionally about returning to work today, not only will you avoid the pitfalls above, you will experience new benefits and opportunities that are available in the new world of work.

  • Retention of top talent and millions in recruitment savings
  • Employees feel safe, supported, and heard
  • Employees are better able to communicate with each other in a respectful, collaborative, empathetic, and effective way
  • Fewer claims for mental health leave
  • Fewer claims regarding “unsafe working conditions”
  • More productive and creative employees that are less burdened by stress than others.
  • Employees in a mentally safe environment can be more innovative and take smart risks
  • More committed employees to an employer that respected them and took care of them
  • Satisfied leaders and employees who can keep your company moving forward successfully

We’re here to help.


We have designed an extremely thoughtful return-to-office or the new world of work program that considers all aspects of the re-entry process for both leadership and employees as well as for each of the main working profiles (full in-person, hybrid, remote, or I don’t know!)

Prepare your employees…

Topics to be covered:

  • Mental Wellbeing & Fitness
    – Self-awareness: making meaning of the pandemic so we can move through and on
    – Stress management & resilience
    – Community mental health and supporting others
    – Considerations before you get to the point of leaving
    – Absenteeism vs. presenteeism
  • Working With Others
    – Radical empathy in practice
    – Re-introductions (symbolically and literally)
    – Team-building (virtual & in-person)
    – Unconscious bias & microaggressions
    – Contributing to safe spaces mentally and physically
    – Having difficult & divisive conversations
    – Working in global and cross-cultural teams during this pandemic and onward
  • Productivity
    – Virtual collaboration & communication
    – Working productively while remote

Lead your teams to the future!

Additional topic considerations for leaders:

  • Returning to Work Planning
    – 3 leading profiles + pros/cons/deep considerations for each
    – Deciding on a post-pandemic working order
    – Return-to-work survey (+ template!) for your teams
    – Communicating re-entry plans to your teams
    – Questions to consider as you devise a plan (Eg. What is your response if only half your people feel safe returning?)
    – Situations to consider (Eg. Only half of your people are vaccinated.)
  • Managing Effective Teams
    – Managing hybrid and remote teams
    — Managing meetings
    — Keeping culture
    — Productivity systems
    — Admin systems (Eg. booking a desk)
    – Creating cultures of empathy and understanding
    – Offering emotional support to employees
    – Leading teams to prevent burnout and stress

Invest your time today,

and thrive in the future of work.

Leaders Employees
In-Person 3 full days 2 full days
Virtual 5 half-days 4 half-days