Soft Skills Training For Strange Times

We are all going through something, collectively, right now. Trust us, it’s hit us hard as well. We still want to help though. That’s why we’ve designed these COVID-related workshops for you and your teams.

Help Us Help Others

10% of all gross profits from these programs will be donated to, which helps arm Canadian hospital foundations dealing with COVID-19 all across the country with what they need to defeat COVID-19. We will also be supporting The Bail Project, which is working to combat mass incarceration and paying bail for people in need, especially now. 


We’ve designed programs perfect for this time

“Working From Home”

What used to be a luxury for some has turned into the new normal. How can we work from home effectively while still maintaining our health?

  • Health & Well-Being
    – Empathy for Ourself & Others
    – Stress Management
    – Maintaining Mental Health & Coping With Anxiety
  • Remote Communication Skills
    – Clear & Concise Communication
    – Delivering Online Presentations
    – Email & Instant Messaging Etiquette
  • Productivity at Home
    – Eliminating Distractions
    – Beating Burnout
    – Productivity Systems

“Getting Back to Work”

There’s a lot of talk about a “new normal”, but one thing is for sure: there will be a weird transition back to work for many. Coping with new anxieties, distancing, and potentially trauma, we need a special set of skills to make this transition successful.

  • Emotional Intelligence
    – Self-Awareness: Making Meaning of 2020
    – Empathy in Practice
    – Social Awareness & Helping Others
  • Health & Well-Being
    – Maintaining Mental Health
    – Coping With (New) Anxieties
    – Stress Management
  • Teamwork & Collaboration
    – Defining New & Productive Systems
    – Team-Building & Reintroductions

“Community Mental Health”

As new stressors add to old ones, we are all trying to figure out ways to stay well while staying effective at our jobs. To do this, we must first understand and take care of ourselves, and then spread that outward to support others on our team if we can.

  • Starting With the Self
    – Self-Awareness: Making Meaning of 2020
    – Identifying Stress Drivers
    – Maintaining Mental Health & Coping Strategies
  • Supporting Others
    – Identifying Mental Health Concerns in Others
    – Supporting a Colleague with Mental Health Concerns
    – Balancing Personal Needs & Needs of Others
  • Managing With Mental Health
    – Supporting People With Mental Health Concerns
    – Facilitating Mental Health Conversations
    – Creating an Open Culture of Support

Not Using Your Coffee Budget?

We’re not buying coffees or team lunches anymore. Perhaps you can still put that money into team-building through online learning.