Here are just a few of our many wonderful clients, and the type of work we did for them. Due to the nature of our work in learning and people development, much of it must remain private.

Bank of Canada

The Bank of Canada sends recruiters out to universities all over the country. To ensure those recruiters are as effective as can be, they brought in SkillsCamp to develop a custom program for skill development in the areas of personal branding, networking, and public speaking.

  • Focus group with summer university students and final report
  • Full day workshop
  • 4 one-on-one sessions with 10 recruiters for pilot
  • Final half-day workshop
  • Final report

University of Windsor

The University of Windsor’s Co-op, Career, and Employment Services office is dedicated to connecting students with job and volunteer opportunities, hands on learning experiences, and career development. They brought SkillsCamp in to work with the work study students as well as the co-op students in developing skills in networking, personal branding, and professionalism in the workplace (teamwork, communication, work ethic, etc.). Over many engagements, we have done:

  • One 1.5h workshop on personal branding and networking
  • Two 1h workshops on personal branding
  • One 1.5h workshop on professionalism in the workplace
  • Four 1h workshops on professionalism in the workplace

City of Brampton Entrepreneurship Center

The City of Brampton’s Entrepreneurship Center aims to contribute to the stability and growth of the local economy by fostering the careful preparation, launch, and long-term sustainability of micro and small businesses across all sectors. They brought SkillsCamp in twice to work with young entrepreneurs on building their personal brands, and again to speak to the general public about an iterative approach to finding your passion.

  • 1.5h workshop on personal branding for young entrepreneurs in the Summer Company program
  • 45 min keynote on entrepreneurship and finding your passion
  • Q&A with general public

Ontario Library Association

The Ontario Library Association represents all librarians in the province and provides community, resources, and professional development opportunities to them. They brought in SkillsCamp to contribute to their professional development webinar series for librarians all over. After success, they invited us to speak at their annual conference two years in a row.

  • 1h webinar on building digital communities
  • 1h webinar on personal branding.
  • 1h webinar on productivity hacks
  • 1h webinar on facing fears and startup culture.
  • 1h conference session on being a one-stop marketing shop
  • Conference keynote about burnout and resilience

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is an organization that gives hope and support to vulnerable people in 400 communities across Canada and in 128 countries. Because they have people all over the country, at various levels, and dealing with numerous stakeholders, they brought SkillsCamp in to deliver a 5-part webinar series over 5 weeks breaking down the topic of Navigating Social Politics in the Workplace. The webinars filled up (100 spots each) within 2 days and 100% of participants reported they were ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ satisfied with their experience. We will be building out this successful relationship in the future.

  • 1h self-awareness webinar
  • 1h networking & relationship-building webinar
  • 1h building collaborative relationships webinar
  • 1h conflict resolution webinar
  • 1h delivering difficult feedback webinar

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  • “As the Chair of the Young Alumni Council at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, we decided to launch our Leadership Webinar Series for current students and alumni with the intent of including topics that were relevant to today’s education professionals. We decided to launch our webinar series with SkillsCamp and the topic we wanted to examine was The Darkside of Social Media. We wanted to provide information to our networks on the connection between social media and mental health and well-being and had the privilege of working with Bailey Parnell and Hamza Khan. Within weeks the webinar was sold-out and the live Q & A with SkillsCamp was engaging and informative. The standard for our leadership webinar series has now been set high due to the great content that was delivered with the launch. It has been a great experience working with the SkillsCamp team!”

    Rumeet Billan,  Ph.D.
    Rumeet Billan, Ph.D. President, Jobs in Education + Chair of the Young Alumni Council, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
  • "After watch Hamza Khan present at CACUSS I knew that his wisdom and expertise would be a great fit for a training retreat CLC was coordinating for 32 professional residence life staff. With only a few weeks turnaround time Hamza was able to create and facilitate a half day workshop that not only educated but also engaged the entire team to the degree that they are still talking about his workshop to this day. From providing tips and tricks on how to be more productive in our professional and personal lives to providing data and insight on how students are learning, Hamza was a fantastic, informative, engaging facilitator providing my team with the energy, insight and inspiration to begin another academic year. Without a doubt Hamza’s workshop was one of the highlights of our training!"

    Stephanie Muehlethaler, MA
    Stephanie Muehlethaler, MA Director, Residence Life & the Student Experience, Campus Living Centres
  • "The Golden Speakers Club at Laurier University recently invited SkillsCamp to lead its public speaking boot camp event, and we were blown away to say the least. Bailey Parnell was our session leader. SkillsCamp was able to provide incredible value to the audience by teaching us very specific and applicable public speaking, personal branding, and soft skills that one would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. We are so glad to have had SkillsCamp share their expertise with us and we hope to have them back soon! Thank you SkillsCamp for teaching us how we can stand out in a crowd, and equipping us with lifelong skills for success."

    Pablo Milandu
    Pablo Milandu Executive VP, Golden Speakers Club, Laurier University
  • "The leadership webinar was a very resourceful  session. I certainly benefited from this session. As a leader and people manager myself, I can use [the learnings] as tools and guides for the development of my direct reports as well as my personal development. We should have this kind of programs on leadership more often."

    Sivaletchimy Perumal
    Sivaletchimy Perumal Credit Manager, TD Canada Trust + Received Leadership webinar through the Credit Institute of Canada.
  • "I attended the Networking workshop because I wanted to enhance my networking skills in order to make stronger professional connections. The workshop instructor presented the material in an accessible way with concrete strategies about how to network more effectively. After attending the workshop, I used some of the networking strategies and was able to make stronger connections with people in my field. I wish I had learned about this workshop earlier in my career because I could have avoided a lot of trial and error which would have saved time and prevented lost connections. I would highly recommend the Networking workshop to anyone who wants to improve their soft skills."

    Ayesha Bhatti
    Ayesha Bhatti Project Manager, Council of Ontario Universities + Attended networking workshop through the ADaPT Program at Ryerson University
  • Bailey Parnell, from SkillsCamp, facilitated a personal branding workshop for over 30 university students at the Starting Point 2017 conference at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Bailey’s laid back yet confident facilitation style pulled the students in to her message on the importance of presenting a consistent and professional brand on social media and beyond. Her use of personal anecdotes, theory, real-world statistics, and immediately implementable tips resonated with students looking to create their own professional brands. Don’t hesitate to book Bailey and SkillsCamp for anything related to social media or personal branding.

    Matt MacPhee
    Matt MacPhee Senior Project Manager at the Sobey School Business Development Centre, Saint Mary’s University
  • “Thanks, @BaileyParnell [from SkillsCamp], for teaching me that we can create the opportunities to spark the stories that connect us. #SMCamp”

    Rochelle Borchman Marketing Communications Specialist, Clark Wilson LLP